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So I went to my first ever fashion show last night, it was a blast! The show included five of the top emerging designers from around the world; Julie Danforth from Seattle, Brittany Nicole from Austin, Designs by Thor from Portland, and KARA from Dubai. It showcased everything from streetwear designers to evening wear. Plus Designs by Thor, had a menswear line, (which I feel like is missing a lot of times on the runway.) 

How incredible to be in an atmosphere with like minded people. Fashion was EVERYWHERE! From the runaway to everyone attending. This was such a amazing experience! I foresee many more runway shows in my future!  


Portland Bridal Show

By Leah Grimmett

Excited about what this year will bring in planning one of the best days of my life! I’m not only marrying my best friend, my partner, my lover, the father of my child and my main source of support, he also completes me. The areas I’m weak in he’s strong. 

The girls and I attended the Portland Bridal Show for the first time as my bridesmaids.   We got ideas about the wedding and had a much needed girls night out.  


Portland ranks #13 on list of the worst dressed cities in America according to Oregon live in 2012. Everyone is such a hippie and cares more about eco friendly finds over style. Let’s be real though, “hipsters” have their very own unique style and personally I love it! Maybe it’s the Portland in me. I’m here to show you there IS a such thing as a Portland fashionista!

In today’s article I will be featuring an awesome group of fashion forward women formally known as BCBGMAXAZRIA stylist. 

Meet Melissa! She’s always styling even on her bad days. She went for casual glam this evening, adding the prettiest fox fur as her statement piece to her rather casual outfit.
Find pieces here: Vest

Meet Laurian! She’s 6 months pregnant and still as glamorous as ever! Wearing a bold printed dress with minimal accessories not to take away from the dress. Preggers chic at its finest! 

Find pieces here: DressShoes

Meet Madeleine! Always so elegant, by her style you can tell where she’s from and where her heart truely lies. Once lived in England and fluent in French she is nothing less than chic.

Find pieces here: JacketLeggingsClutch

Meet Fernanda! She’s a very sweet girl and her style totally shows her personality. You can never go wrong with a little black dress. She’s simply glam.

Find pieces here: similar Black dress

Meet Vandetta! She’s very laid back and chill as ever. The definition of dope in the fashion world would show this girl and her style! In all leather she gives off a very cool vibe.

Find pieces here: LeggingsLeather jacket

Meet Natasha! My favorite outfit of the night! Her leather dress is to die for! Also in leather on leather, but the silhouette of the dress is soo glamorous with a bold lip, gives you the definition of my blog! GLAMOROUSLY DOPE! 

Find pieces here: Leather jacketDressShoes

Tomboy chic

Tomboy chic-

[Tom Boi Sheek] 


The combination of the traditional style of mens clothes paired in a sophisticated girly fashion.
When attending sports games, my first thoughts are always what am I going to wear? On a regular, I love being glamorous with a little edge. So I had to stick with what I do best and bring out that glamorous side while dressing appropriately for the game. I paired my long sleeve black dress that had a hint of lace at the bottom, under my fiancés jersey, with my favorite lace up peep toe booties and my favorite Beyoncé inspired hat. 

To pull off tomboy chic all you have to do is incorporate guys wear with girls wear and make it your own.

Find these pieces here- BootiesJerseyHatLace hem dress

Pulling off Bold Pieces and Prints

 The holiday season was all about sparkle, sequins, and all things shiny! I loved that trend! It also provided a learning opportunity with regard to bold pieces. Follow these tips when incorporating exciting pieces into your look:

1. If you decide to wear something really flashy, this piece should absolutely be your statement. When you have too many bold pieces the eye doesn’t know where to look, it becomes like a eye sensory overload. Find that one item and build your outfit around that piece. 
2. Own your look, and wear it with pride! Many times when people step out of their comfort zone and are unsure of their fashion choice, it causes them to need validation from others to prove the look is fly. When you feel confident, others see what you see. So don’t be afraid, take risks, find something super sparkly or bold and let it do the talking! 

3. Stay true to yourself. Stepping out of your comfort zone is encouraged, but in order to feel great you must feel like it’s a representation of you. If you’re a more laid back, jean and t shirt type of girl, grab a bold shirt and pair it with jeans. If you prefer more structure, pair that bold top with a blazer and maybe a pair of slacks. Always step out the way you want to, not the way others think you should.

Find these pieces here: Sparkle shirtCaplet jacket, (thrifted skirt) Similar Jean skirt

New Years Eve- Glamorous

Alright guys I’m beyond excited to finally begin blogging, I’ve been talking about it for years and I have finally started. Today will be the first of many outfit posts. I’m happy to share my style, current trends I’m loving, ideas on how to wear certain pieces and insight on how to complete a wardrobe on a budget. Glamorously I slay, but I’ll always be a dope chick. 
As I stated in my first post (Glamorously Dope Holiday), I was totally overdressed for New Year’s Eve! (I know seems impossible, right?).  Glamorous is literally the definition of New Year’s Eve as far as I’m concerned. For the occasion I actually pulled this little white vest dress out of my closet and dressed it up with a beautiful pair of sparkly earrings and red shoes. I decided if I can’t do sparkly from head to toe, white is the next best thing because it screams fresh and new. 

New Year’s Eve was the first time I wore the dress by itself. I usually wear it to work with a shirt underneath and either white slacks or leggings with it open as a vest. It’s so versatile. I spent a little more than usual on this dress because of its versatility, it was worth every penny. Definitely a statement piece! 

Find these pieces here: Vest Dress, Similar Red pumps, Similar Earrings

A Glamorously Dope Holiday

The end of 2016 was full of glamorously dope moments. Here are a few highlights:

Thanksgiving in our family tends to be a laid back, casual gathering. Most of the family comes in sweats, we use paper products and everyone brings a dish. This year we took that laid back vibe and kicked it up a notch. We decided to put a little more thought into the tableware and gave the menu a little structure, which than encouraged everyone to dress a little glamorously. It definitely gave thanksgiving some class. I look forward to upping that classy factor even more next year.  


Christmas was made extra special this year, I popped the question to my 3 favorite ladies; I asked them to be my Bridesmaids. They agreed and were delighted with their proposal gifts. Christmas dinner was at moms where we did our annual Secret Santa gift exchange. 

Last but not least New Years 2016 was an interesting one. In true Leah fashion, I got completely dolled up.  However, our plans were so last minute that we ended up at a little hole in the wall bar deep in Gresham. I was over dressed (as always.) But after a few shots and a couple drinks the only thing that mattered was having fun laughing and spending time with the people I love most.


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